Massage Dating

Give or receive a massage for free!

Perhaps you like to give

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  • You may be a massage-enthusiast. You took a few courses and you'd like to improve your skills.
  • You may be student at a massage academy, looking for subjects to exercise with.
  • You may be retired massage professional. Once in a while, you still enjoy to treat someone with a nice massage.

Perhaps you like to receive

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  • You may be a sports fanatic, keeping your muscles loose by getting them massaged regularly.
  • You may be working behind a computer, and keeping rsi and neck injury at bay by getting regular massages.
  • You might just enjoy relaxation massages to get rid of your daily stress.

Or perhaps you like to exchange

You might just be looking for someone to exchange massages with.

Simply put:

If you like to give or receive a massgage for free, this is the place to be!


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